Sources of Threatening Educational Security: Means and Effects

  • Thikra Jamel M. H. Al-Banna Department of Anthropology and Sociology Al Mustansiriya University
Keywords: educational security, ethics, threat


Today’s world confronts various threats from different sources. Similar to deprivation of energy, economic facilities, or political deposition, educational poisoning is one of the dangerous phenomena that result from distorting and corrupting the ethical and educational components of teaching by various material and non – material means.This paper sheds light on the concept of the educational system which is not a mere process of teaching, but rather an endless process of socialization that begins in the family and develops into religious, ethical, scientific and mythological systems, all of which form the cognitive component. It also defines the necessary means by which it is transmitted from one generation into another. The educational system, indeed, is closely connected with the culture of society. The study also gives an in-depth look at some concepts, mainly education, security, educational security, and sources of threat such as novelties, alternative religions, ethical system destruction, and curriculum distortion. It also attempts to provide a cursory account of the different effects of educational threat and presents some suggestions.


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