The Degree of Using Augmented Reality Technology among students of the Optimum Invesment Project fot Teaching Personnel Program and the difficulties they face at Al-Shaqra University

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Saud bin Saad Faiz Al-Akloby


Augmented reality technology is a modern technique used in all fields, including: medicine, engineering and education, and has received attention from officials in the educational process at present; The focus of this research is on the degree of use of augmented reality among field experience students in the project's optimal investment program for teaching staff and their difficulties, applied to a sample of 75 students, through a questionnaire prepared by the researcher as a tool to determine the degree of use, as well as difficulties. The researcher addressed the subject through two main axes to determine the degree of use, as well as the difficulties preventing teachers and learners from using this technique. The results of the research showed: That knowledge of augmented reality technology and skills to deal with this technique were low among sample members, despite the fact that males were higher than females, owing to the lack of female sample members.The researcher used the descriptive (survey) method.Also, The results indicated that there was a desire to obtain training courses by females to learn about this technique as well as to possess skills in the future; The indicators of the use of this technique were high on the dimensions of interaction, motivation, linking information and adding new expertise, and there were a number of obstacles to its use, most notably material, technical, teacher and learner aspects, as well as the educational environment. Through the findings, the researcher recommended a number of recommendations and proposals.


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Saud bin Saad Faiz Al-Akloby. “The Degree of Using Augmented Reality Technology Among Students of the Optimum Invesment Project Fot Teaching Personnel Program and the Difficulties They Face at Al-Shaqra University”. Journal of the College of Education for Women, vol. 34, no. 2, June 2023, pp. 30-47, doi:10.36231/coedw.v34i2.1663.