Intellectual and Religious Characteristics Andalusion Societ Image Beni Al-Ahmar Era Poetry as a model

  • نادية عبد الكريم أحمد أ.م.د. جنان قحطان فرحان


The intellectual and religious characteristics were an influential presence in the same Andalusian poet, especially among the poets of Beni El-Ahmar because they are part of the heritage of poets, and that is to push them towards the glory of this heritage and to take care of it and benefit from its inclusion, inspiration and similarity.

That this inflection on the poetic heritage is justified by the poets of the sons of the Red were inclined to preserve the inherited values, especially as it was related to their poetry, especially that the Andalusian poet did not find embarrassment in the inspiration of heritage and emerged when he mentioned the homes and the ruins and the camel and the journey, although the community Andalusian society is also urban and the religious aspect has a strong correlation in the language of the Koran, which made the Andalusian poet revolves in the orbit of holiness because of his religious culture has led stories and stories played a prominent role in lighting the text of poetry and clarify to the recipient, was a quote from the Quranic texts, Many all that took place in and around the text based on those images portrayed by the poet and he drew from the cultural and religious covenantal. With reference recently to the sources and references that included everything related to the research and its course.


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