Publishing Policy

1 - The journal is committed to the ethics of scientific publishing, and according to the publication ethics report of the journal.

2- The Editorial Board considers that the researcher who submits his research paper for publication in the journal has already read the terms and conditions of publication and agreed  on them.

3- The decision to publish is based on the value of the scientific research, to what extent it meets the conditions of publication approved, the declared policy of the journal, and its specialty.

4- The journal deals with the names of reviewers and their reports with great confidentiality.

5- The journal does not adhere to the publication of whatever comes to it. The time and place of publication are subject to technical considerations adopted in the editorial plan of the journal.

6- The journal does not abide to return the research papers to their owners whether accepted for publication or not.

7- The researcher is to be provided with the acceptance of publication within  about  4 WEEKS. As for publication, the editorial board reserves its right in priority of publishing. The arrangement of the research papers in the same issue is subject to technical standards.

8- The journal maintains hard copies and electronic archive of the published issues in addition to the publication of the research papers in website.