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Therefore, certain provisions of legitimacy came to stress the importance of the intentions of sharia to achieve the interests of all people that involve several aspects, including the five fundamental things: religion, oneself, offspring, mind and money. Almighty Allah has specified certain punishments on those who violate these things by imposing punishments on the part of the criminal to preserve souls. He imposes the penalty of theft to preserve property, the Hadd punishment for adultery to preserve the symptoms, the punishment on the drunk to preserve the mind, and the Hadd punishment for the apostate to preserve the religion. By the adherence to these punishments life will be preserved and will go on. This means that the constitution in force and our current laws delay the implementation of punitive provisions, including death penalty, which is not issued except by presidential decree. Besides, the human rights organizations, which emphasize the rights and freedom, consider the penalty of cutting the hands and stoning as violations of the sanctity of human body. This gave the perpetrators a legislative basis to allow them to persist in committing the crimes of murder, theft and adultery, which began to spread. Furthermore, the application of a penalty depends mainly on the testimony of witnesses which is difficult to fulfill in our courts for people avoid testifying in such crimes due to their fear of the absence of the law...</p> Hanan Mhui Nayff, Taha Jassam Mohammed ##submission.copyrightStatement## Received: April 25, 2020 Accepted: June 15, 2020 Sun, 27 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0200 The Effect of Globalized Media on Ideological Deviation of Young Adults <p>This study aims to identify the effects of globalized media on the creed deviation of young adults in the light of the challenges of globalization in all its forms. It aims to identify globalization’s most important means; media, while clarifying its concept and its most important types and tools and employing all media means for learning and proper education. The latters are safeguarded from the influences and effects of globalization, developing the spirit of coexistence and peaceful dialogue with others and clarifying the effect of creed deviation on weakening the Muslim community. The importance of the topic lie in how to address and maintain the ideological values ​​and morals of our youth, make them aware of the challenges/dangers ahead, find solutions when confronting them and preventing media from controlling the minds and souls of young generations under the impact of the technical and technological development and the communication revolution.&nbsp; The researcher has used the inductive and analytical approach to arrive at a clear impression about the topic.The most important results revealed that Islam is the religion of civilization and development, which supports every progress in the development of the spirit of thought, science and construction, and overcoming all difficulties while facilitating tasks and rooting ideological, intellectual concepts, maintaining young adults’ identity, immunizing, and strengthening them against atheism by means of advice, guidance and role models.</p> Ruqaiya Shaker Mansour ##submission.copyrightStatement## May 9, 2020 Accepted: July 19, 2020 Sun, 27 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0200 Feminization and Masculinization of the Word Sun in the Holy Quran: A Semantic Study <p>It is no secret for those concerned with language concerns that the issue of figurative feminization is one of the issues that does not follow a grammatical rule governed by the fact that the subject of knowledge of this is due to hearing as indicated by linguistic references and lexicons.This research opts to find out the origin of the feminization of the word sun in the Arabic language and in light of what some language specialists have argued that the origin of figurative feminization was due to non-linguistic motives related to religious and metaphysical beliefs, and that it was memory preserved in light of the linguistic heritage.The research concluded that the feminization of the sun goes back to what settled in their minds, which has its origin in that pagan perception of the sun, and that the Noble Qur’an despite its use of the legacy of the linguistic singular, has moved the meaning of this word and its doctrinal connotation from the perverse meaning, circulating, depicting and embodying it in the form of deities that they feminized in real terms to another meaning. The Quran moved it to the metaphor in the matter of its feminization, and that God is the one and only creator of everything in the heavens has created it with the splendor he made and proceeded according to his command.These verses indicate in wonderful rhetorical ways that confirm God’s oneness and uniqueness in the divinity of the universe with no partner in his creation...</p> Maha Abdull Razzaq Kuthair ##submission.copyrightStatement## Received: November 12, 2019 Accepted: June 14, 2020 Sun, 27 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0200 Imagination and Emotional Impact by Constructional Methods:Al-Almohdeen’s (Believers’) Poetry in AhlAl-Bayt, (peace be upon them) as a Model <p>The language that consists of only twenty-eight letters, but it is so broad that we are unable to understand it from all sides and this expansion is mainly caused by imagination, so Arab imagination, whose language goes in all directions And as it always responds to our ears, ancient critics divide imagination into holistic and partial But the language is not limited to these parts only. Do we wonder, where is the structural method of wishing, hope, questions and other methods of all this? In this paper, we try to show the importance of the method of writing in moving imagination in an interactive way, and what is related to human feelings in most, if not all, of its methods By studying the poetry of the believers in the Ahl al-Bayt, peace be upon them, this poetry that is characterized by the sincerity of feelings away from gain and other things that may distort feelings. The research came with an introduction to imagination and its connection to emotion, and then we talked about the structural method with its demand axial and non-demand, and the research ends with the conclusion. The most important findings of the research, as well as the margins of the research, and a list of sources and references are approved therein, and a summary in English.</p> Zahra Dhar Latif, Jinan Qahtan Farhan ##submission.copyrightStatement## May 28, 2020 Accepted: July 2, 2020 Sun, 27 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0200 Humanizing the War in Pre-Islam Arabic Poetry <p>Personification in Arab poetry is not confined to the abstract items in nature: it trespasses them to include more than that. We found after reviewing the anthologies of the poets tens of the personified items are full of human attributes - via personification- such as speaking, moving, feeling human feelings.. Personification formed a remarkable feature in the relationship between poets and war, which was clear in the Pre-Islamic poetry, because it occupied the minds of the ancient Arab mindset. The poets have envisioned war as ugly as a force that brings destruction and devastation. The paper aims at stating the position in which poets personified war with female tributes. Thus, it is impregnated, conceived, and produced birth like a woman. War is personified into the level of women. The importance of the research is to clarify the ability of poets to employ humanities in the humanization of war, as the poets were able to get war away from its real sense (as an abstract meaning) by personifying it. It possessed many human traits; especially the traits of the female, such as tenderness and betrayal in their view the image of war and woman are identical taking the war into the level of human feelings, and endowing it with semantic dimension by personifying it.&nbsp; Personification was manifested in the best of its forms in the selected poems. The poets viewed war to the level of the female human nature in form and content.</p> SuadadYousif Abdul-Ridha Al-Humairi ##submission.copyrightStatement## Received:February14, 2019 Accepted: April7, 2019 Sun, 27 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0200 Degree of Availability of the Integrated Preparation Criteria inArabic Language Teachers’ Preparation Program in Syrian Universities from the Educational Qualification Diploma Students’ Viewpoint <p>The study aimed to know the degree of availability of integrated preparation criteria in the Arabic Teacher training Program in Syrian universities from the viewpoint of university students of the Educational qualification diploma, and the degree of availability of these standards in the outputs of the preparation program. To achieve the Goals of the study, a list of integrated preparation criteria was prepare comprising (110) indicators, distributed to (11) criteria. The list was applied to a randomly chosen sample of (45) educational qualification diploma students. The results of the study showed that the Standards for integrated preparation are provided in a medium degree overall in the program for preparing teachers of Arabic language. The results of the study showed the availability of standards for integrative preparation as a whole, with a medium degree in the Arabic language teacher’s preparation program. The criterion for the integrative acquisition of occupational traits and characteristics ranked first with a high degree of availability, at a rate of (79.16%). This is followed by the criterion of integration between the basic knowledge of effective teaching with a medium availability, at a rate of (59.85%), followed by the criterion of achieving integration between specialized knowledge and practical application with a medium availability rate, at a rate of (55.497%). Then the criterion for achieving integration between specialized knowledge and methods of teaching it with a moderate degree of availability, and at a rate of (54.92%). This was followed by the criterion of making the student-teacher evaluation integral with a medium availability degree, at a rate of (52,785%), followed by the criterion of linking linguistic and professional ability with a medium availability degree, at a rate of (52,663%).....&nbsp;</p> Ahmed Rasheed Alhaj Hasan, Hatem Albassis ##submission.copyrightStatement## Received: April 9, 2020 Accepted: July 2, 2020 Online Published: September 29, 2020 Sun, 27 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0200 The Effectiveness of PDEODE Strategy in Acquiring Historical Concepts in the Subject of History for Students of the Fourth Literary Grade <p>The research aims to know (the effect of the pdeode strategy) in acquiring historical concepts among the fourth-grade literary female students in the history module. To achieve the goal of this research, the following null hypothesis was formulated. There is no statistically significant difference at the level of (0.05) between the average scores of the experimental group students, who study history according to the PDEODE strategy, and the average scores of the control group students who study the same module in the traditional way of the historical concepts acquisition test.The researcher chose the experimental method for the current research and adopted the experimental design of partial control with a post-test, which depends on the experimental group that is taught using the pdeode strategy, while the control group studied using the traditional method. The research sample comprised of (60) female students, including (30) female students in the experimental group, and another (30) female students in the control group.The researcher equated the two groups in (IQ test, chronological age calculated in months), then the researcher tried to control a number of extraneous variables that may affect the dependent variable. As for the scientific material, it included the topics of the chapters (first, second, third, fourth and fifth) of the history textbook to be taught for the academic year 2018/2019, and the researcher personally taught the two research groups during the first semester...&nbsp;</p> Aseel Fayek Hassan ##submission.copyrightStatement## Received: June 18, 2020 Accepted: July 12, 2020 Online Published: September 29, 2020 Sun, 27 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0200 John Tyler and his Role in the America Domestic and Foreign Policy (1841-1845) <p>The current paper highlights an important character represented by the American president John Tyler 1841 – 1845, who is considered the tenth American president. The importance of this paper lies in identifying his personality in terms of his upbringing and the political activities he practiced before assuming the presidency and his most significant internal achievements, which showed his decisions as a president. He was fully prepared to support national policies since they do not exceed the authorities of the states. With his achievements in the foreign policy, he was capable to draw and define the features of the American foreign relations that were in harmony with the general situation in the United States of America at that time. John Tyler came to power after the death of President Henry William Harrison in 1841, without elections. Being vice-President resulted an opposition from his political opponents, as well as his opposition to some of the previous laws of president Andrew Jackson, which consequently led to the resignation of whole Ministers (except the Minister of Foreign affairs), however, he has appointed new Ministers. After that he had been expelled from Whig Party, so he remained without any partisan support, because John Tylers’ achievements were not at the required level, except for some legislation issues, that including the agricultural distribution law of the land for the settlers in 1841, then as trying to cover his failure within external directions especially with Britain in 1842 and China in 1844, in order to strengthen trade relations and resolve border issues, John Tyler had achieved some matters by joining Texas to the United States, after its secession from Mexico in 1844.</p> Eman Mutaib Muhe ##submission.copyrightStatement## Received: August 25, 2019 Accepted: June 28, 2020 Online Published: September 29, 2020 Sun, 27 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0200 Social Media and Academic Excellence <p>The current research seeks to shed light on the role that social media can play, through the optimal use of it by students, in achieving academic excellence. The most prominent aims that constitute it are:Identifying the social sites most used by students; learning how students interact with the published study material on communication sites and benefit from them to achieve their academic excellence; and knowing the connection between using social media and achieving academic excellence, and the role that these sites play in achieving academic excellence<strong>.</strong>That incorrect use by students leads to adverse results, and thus affects their academic level. Failure of parents to monitor their student’ use of social media leads to the lack of benefit from them in achieving academic excellence. This means the lack of procetures for monitoring these networks makes them more harmful for Students. Moreover, the excessive use of social media by students has a negative impact on the student’s performance of his homework. It has negative effects on his health as well. In light of the results reached, the researchers presented a set of&nbsp;&nbsp; recommendations, including:Parents should ensure that their children use social media as a tool to improve their children's educational level. Students should better manage their study time and prevent distortions that social media can provide. Students must strike a balance between using the means of communication and their study duties in a way that does not affect their studies. Students, during their use of social media, focus on the scientific importance of these sites instead of using them entertainment.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Hussam Abdul Hamza, Abd Jabr Zamil ##submission.copyrightStatement## Received: January 28, 2020 Accepted: June 14, 2020 Online Published: September 29, 2020 Sun, 27 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0200 Problems Facing Working Women in the Labor Market (The Mall) as a Model:a Field Study in Al-RusafaArea/ Baghdad <p>Most studies and research have tried to shed light on unemployment and employment in general, with less focus on the problems facing working women and the resulting social and economic consequences that threaten their human and professional lives. For women, working is one of the basic necessities for the sustainability of human life, and it constitutes an essential axis for both sexes and through it. It also gives a person the status and social status where the individual finds a ready opportunity to practice his intentions and desires, test his abilities and talents, and achieve his ambitions. The availability of full employment in general and the joining of women to the labor market is an important and fundamental factor in the sustainability of development. However, this contribution faces a series of obstacles due to the cultural environment and the social determinants that women face in Iraqi society, especially in the field of work in the informal sector, where society imposes strict restrictions on the quality and place of work.....</p> Suaad Radhi Al Araji ##submission.copyrightStatement## Received:October28, 2019 Accepted:November20, 2019 Online Published: September 29, 2020 Sun, 27 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0200 Spatial Variation in Date Production and its Spatial Relationship to Climate in Central and Southern Iraq <p>The climate is one of the natural factors affecting agriculture, and the success of the cultivation of any agricultural crop depends on the nature of the prevailing climate in the area of its ​​cultivation. If the main elements of climate: temperature, rain and humidity, affect the various agricultural activities that can be practiced, and the stages of growth of agricultural crops and also determine the areas of spread. When the climatic requirements of any crop are well available, its cultivation is successful and comfortable. The research starts from the problem of spatial variation of date production spatially in the study area and the reason for choosing dates because of its economic importance, so the research will be based on the discussion of a basic hypothesis related to the relationship of climate central and southern Iraq to cultivate dates and spatial variability and prove the validity of this hypothesis and achieve the objectives of the study. Quantitative approach is used in different parts of the research to reach the conclusions of the research. It shows that the northern regions of the study area occupy the highest areas in the number of palm trees that are less in the south and east of the study areas, and that there is a strong correlation between certain types of dates and climatic elements that are represented by (the maximum and minimum temperatures and the relative humidity) while there are types Dates are associated with (manpower).</p> Munaf Muhammad Zrzor, Fatimah Hamdi Saloom ##submission.copyrightStatement## Received: June 7, 2020 Accepted: July 21, 2020 Online Published: September 29, 2020 Sun, 27 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0200 The Effect of Using Online Automated Feedback on Iraqi EFL Learners’ Writings at University Level <p>Feedback on students’ assignments can be done in many different ways. Nowadays, the growing number of students at universities has increased the burden on the instructors to give feedback on students’ writings quickly and efficiently. As such, new methods of modern online automated feedback tools, such as <strong><em>Hemingway app</em></strong> and <strong><em>ecree</em></strong>,are used to assist and help instructors. Hence, this research is an explanatory study to examine the effect of using the online automated feedback on some Iraqi EFL learners’ writings at the university level. The study comprised 60 students enrolled in an English language course at the University of Anbar. They were divided randomly into two groups, experimental, and control with 30 students in each. Data were gathered through using pre and post-tests and a questionnaire. The statistical analysis of students’ responses on tests showed that there was a significant improvement of the experimental group students’ writings who received the intervention over the control group students who received the feedback traditionally. Besides, the questionnaire’s data were analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively. The obtained results also supported the findings reached from the tests and the students whowere convinced and very satisfied with the online automated feedback. Therefore, in light of these results, the study highly supports the use and the integration of the online automated feedback tools to teachwriting in EFL classrooms.</p> Khaldoon Waleed Husam Al-Mofti ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 27 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0200 Textual Analysis of Complex Nominals Translation Errors in Economic Texts <p>The present study has three objectives: 1) to investigate the prevalence of complex nominals in economic discourse represented via the selected business news texts, 2) to shed some light on the most common translation errors made by second year students in the Department of Translation in rendering complex nominals into Arabic, and 3) to detect the possible causes behind such translation errors and suggest some translation tips which might sound helpful to the students of translation to find the most suitable translation equivalent. The present study is based on an empirical survey in which a selective analysis of someeconomic texts represented in business news texts is made. A corpus of 159 complex nominals was selected from seven business news texts collected from the students’ examination papers.&nbsp; It is hypothesized that many different errors will arise as a result of translating complex nominals as precisely as possible from English business news texts into Arabic. The results of the analysis revealed that the selected business news texts represented a serious challenge for second year translation students, and resulted in a number of various translation errors. It has been found that the students’ low level of bilingual competence represented the major reason for translation errors. Study findings also revealed that lexico-semantic errors were the most common type of translation errors, followed by omission, grammatical errors, misreading andfinally confusion.</p> Ghusoon Subhi Khalil ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 27 Sep 2020 00:00:00 +0200